Photographs have arrived!

These first two images are of a creek that is off to the side of a road near where I live.  I was taking a walk because I needed to shoot some medium-format film photography for my Photo 2 film class.  I used my dslr camera as a light meter and was able to get some nice digital photos out of it as well.  The medium-format film camera I used was 6×6 (square format) so I cropped my more rectangular shots to get the same feel.



As I walking around I ended up at a boat launch in town and took these last few photos there.  It’s amazing the shots you can get if you pay attention to your surroundings, whether you look up high, or down low, or in between.


Dino Driftwood




P.S.  There are another couple photos from a different day that will be posted by the end of the weekend.

Edit –  The photos that were supposed to be up by Sunday are finally here!  Sorry for the delay, I had some things I needed to deal with for college.  Without further ado:




These photos were taken under a bridge along the Salmon River in East Hampton CT.


Surprise Visit…

…from a hawk today!

This juvenile hawk popped into my yard around 5:30pm, and I have to say that it made my day.  I couldn’t believe it landed so close by.  At first I wasn’t sure what it was because it initially flew down and under the shed, but then the hawk flew out and perched itself on top of one of the logs in our woodpile.  After my awestruck moment was over I grabbed a camcorder I was given recently for some quick shots and some video, after all, who knew how long it would stay.  Upon finishing using the camcorder I grabbed my camera and I was able to get a couple photos, of which I chose one.  Here it is, enjoy:


I researched for a little while to find out the exact type of hawk this bird was, and I came to the conclusion that I’m almost 100% positive it is a Cooper’s Hawk.  The fact that it is a juvenile was easy to decipher.  However, the Cooper’s Hawk and the Sharp-shinned Hawk look quite similar so figuring out which it was was a wee-bit difficult.

Editing in progress…

I’m currently editing some photographs of my favorite subject, nature!  They should be up by tomorrow.

P.S.  I’m planning on doing some urban exploring for my b/w film photography project and plan on trying to get some digital photos shot as well.

Stay tuned!



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