I’m back!…and I have a favor to ask!


It’s good to be back on WordPress.  I really want to make more of an effort to have a presence here.  So, onto that favor….I entered a photo contest, and part of that contest has a level for public votes and for official judging.  I opted for the public voting at first and then upgraded my entry for official judging.  Putting myself out there will help me to build my confidence as a photographer and help me learn how the competition scene works.  Anyway, I am here to ask for your vote.  If you love my work, please vote for it.  There are different voting levels, each level reached means another prize gained!

Vote Here

Here are the levels:

9 votes gets you inclusion in the public browsing page, on view to hundreds of thousands of people who will help you reach new levels of exposure.

25 votes gets you a special Facebook feature on our page, followed by over 342,000 engaged users, always looking for new art to explore. Our page has the capacity to reach over 19 Million people worldwide, all of which will have the ability to link through to your portfolio and vote to help you even more.

100 votes gets you guaranteed inclusion in a digital display of work that will be traveling the globe via museum quality flat screen monitors. See.Me will be shipping these monitors to New York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Hong Kong where your work will be on display as part of the digital show for one week in each city. Patrons all over the world will see your work and be able to head directly to your portfolio from their smartphones or tablets via your personalized link on the screens with your image.

500 votes gets you flagged and promoted as a Featured Photographer in the Public Browsing Page as well as the Traveling Digital Display. With special callouts to your portfolio, your work will be front and center, gaining the most views and clicks of all participating photographers. With the highest level of exposure, your work will be seen by millions of people, guaranteed.

1,000 votes gets you $1,500 to come to New York City for the EXPOSURE 2014 event as our special guest.

Vote here



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